Streaming Configuration Options

Configure various streaming parameters.

This section is OPTIONAL

The header for this section is [streaming]

Table 1. streaming
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
bind_address no string any The IP address that the RTP streaming component of BVR binds to. Useful if the system has multiple network adapters.
rtcp_send_interval no integer 0 How frequently streaming sends RTCP packets. If this value is set to 0, no RTCP packets will be sent. Specified in seconds..

Min: 0, Max: 60
presentation_address no string auto The IP address to present as the local address (used by streaming related connection information fields in SDP). Overrides default_presentation_address in [general]
symmetric_rtp no boolean true This parameter was introduced in version 7.9.0

Determines whether BVR uses symmetric RTP.
no_audio_warning no integer 2000 This parameter was introduced in version 7.22.0

How much time without receiving packets at the start of (not during) a voice call (not TTS/Reco) before raising a warning. Specified in milliseconds and is rounded down to the lowest multiple of 20ms.

Min: 0, Max: 10000