Configuring Apache Kafka producer properties

When creating an Apache Kafka broker there are a number of properties that can be specified depending on the requirements of your systems. These properties can include security settings which need to be configured in the BVR producers to communicate with the Kafka broker.

To enable you to setup the BVR Apache Kafka producers in the way you require you can specify default and producer specific Java properties files to set custom producer properties. A sample properties file is provided in:

To specify your own property settings follow this procedure:

  1. Copy the sample properties file to a new location. Note: the sample properties file may be overwritten when BVR is upgraded, ensure you copy and do not edit the sample directly.
  2. Add or edit any required properties
  3. Specify the file as required in the following: BVR Kafka Configuration Options, BRM Kafka Configuration Options, BAM Kafka Configuration Options and BSM Kafka Configuration Options

You should then restart BVR to have the changes take effect.

For a full list of properties, see Apache Kafka documentation - Producer Configs.

Default properties

If no properties file is specified, BVR will attempt to connect to the Apache Kafka broker using the following properties:

Table 1. Apache Kafka producer defaults
Name Default
bootstrap.servers localhost:9092
acks all
key.serializer org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer
value.serializer org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer
Note: It is not recommended that you change the value of acks.

The values for key.serializer and value.serializer cannot be overriden in the properties file. These values will also have to be used when writing a custom Apache Kafka consumer.