SIP Digest Credentials Panel

These are authentication credentials that can be used if the Blueworx platform receives a SIP authentication challenge.

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility SIP Digest Credentials options
Name Description
View SIP Digest Credentials View already defined SIP Digest Credentials
Add SIP Digest Credentials Add a new SIP Digest Credential
Update SIP Digest Credentials Update an already defined SIP Digest Credential
Remove SIP Digest Credentials Remove an already defined SIP Digest Credential

Table 2. Mandatory Parameters
Name Description
Realm When a SIP authentication challenge is received it will specify a "realm". The realm parameter must match the realm provided in the SIP authentication challenge for these credentials to be used.
Username The username for these credentials.
Password The password for these credentials. Note: An HA1 hash of the username and password is stored by the Blueworx platform rather than the plaintext password.

Table 3. Optional Parameters
Name Description Default
QOP Type Specifies the QOP (Quality of Protection) type for these digest credentials. Available options are AUTH and AUTH_INT. AUTH_INT