SIP Custom Headers Panel

SIP Custom Headers are custom headers that can be set for SIP requests and can be assigned to SIP Proxies. See table SIP Proxies Panel for details of the action required to assign a SIP Custom Header to a SIP Proxy

The SIP Header format is

[Header Name]: [Header Value]

A From header can be supplied as one of the SIP header/value pairs. If supplied this must be a fully formed SIP header, for example sip:user@mymachine. This will take precedence over any other mechanism to set the SIP From header.

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility SIP Custom Headers options
Name Description
View SIP Custom Headers View already defined SIP Custom Headers
Add SIP Custom Headers Add a new SIP Custom Heades
Update SIP Custom Headers Update an already defined SIP Custom Header
Remove SIP Custom Headers Remove an already defined SIP Custom Header

Table 2. Mandatory Parameters
Name Description
SIP Header Name The name of the SIP header
SIP Header Value The value of the SIP header

Table 3. Optional Parameters
Name Description Default
Apply to SIP Request Name Specifies the SIP request name these headers apply to (e.g. INVITE). A null value or "ALL" applies the header to all SIP requests on the SIP Proxies this SIP custom header is assigned to null (ALL)