BAM Command Line Utility SIP Registrars Panel

This is the SIP Registrars panel of the BAM Command Line Utility. It allows actions to be performed on SIP Registrar definitions as described below.

As well as Return and Quit, it provides the following options:

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility Application Mapping options
Name Description
View SIP Registrars View an already defined SIP Registrar
Add SIP Registrars Add a new SIP Registrar
Update SIP Registrars Update an already defined SIP Registrar
Remove SIP Registrars Remove an already defined SIP Registrar

The parameters associated with the SIP Registrars options are :

Table 2. BAM SIP Registrar parameters
Name Description
Enabled Defines if SIP Registrar should be registered to currently
Registrar's SIP Address SIP address of the Registrar, e.g. The actual iP address that BSM will contact.
Address of Record Specifies the address format to register an app mapping as. e.g. App mappings will be registered as, e.g.,
Expiry Time

The time a registration remains valid for on the registrar. BSM will automatically register them again at the end of that period.