HTTP Proxy Groups Panel

HTTP Proxy Groups

HTTP Proxy Groups are a collection of HTTP proxies. They are assignable to Call Features that use HTTP/HTTPS, currently only for the STT_GOOGLE, TTS_GOOGLE and VIRTUAL_ASSISTANT_DIALOGFLOW_ES/CX call features.

If no HTTP Proxy Group is assigned to a call feature, BVR will attempt to contact the URL specified without the use of proxies

When used, HTTP proxy groups choose the proxy to use based on the status, weight and priority (please refer to HTTP Proxies Panel for more information).

All entities that can use HTTP proxies do so through HTTP Proxy Groups - if you only have one http proxy to specify simply create a group and add only that proxy to the group.

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility HTTP Proxy Group options
Name Description
View HTTP Proxy Groups View already defined HTTP Proxy Groups
Add HTTP Proxy Groups Add a new HTTP Proxy Group
Update HTTP Proxy Groups Update an already defined HTTP Proxy Group
Remove HTTP Proxy Groups Remove an already defined HTTP Proxy Group
Assign HTTP Proxies to HTTP Proxy Groups Assign a HTTP Proxy to a HTTP Proxy Group
Unassign HTTP Proxies from HTTP Proxy Groups Remove a HTTP Proxy from a HTTP Proxy Group

Table 2. Mandatory Parameters
Name Description
Name A user defined name.
Description A user defined description

Assigning HTTP Proxies to HTTP Proxy Groups