BAM Command Line Utility Applications Panel

This is the Applications panel of the BAM Command Line Utility. It routes to multiple Application related panels as described below.

As well as Return and Quit, it provides the following options:

Table 1. BAM Command Line Utility Applications options
Name Description
View Applications View already defined Applications
Add Application Add a new Application
Update Application Update an already defined Application
Remove Application Remove an already defined Application
Attach feature to Application Attach a defined feature to an Application
Detach feature from Application Detach a feature from an Application

The parameters associated with the Application options are :

Table 2. BAM Application option parameters
Name Description
Name Name of the application
Application Type The type of application, this can be either VoiceXML or CCXML
URI The URI of the application
Backup URI A backup URI to use for the application if the primary URI is unavailable. BVR will return the first successful result it gets, first checking the cache for both URIs and then trying to fetch remotely. If the items are both in the cache and require revalidating but the revalidation fails (e.g. the webserver goes down), if stale-if-error is set BVR will use the cached entry with the most recent modification date (Last-Modified).
Description Description of the application
Max Concurrent Calls The maximum concurrent number of calls that the application supports. 0 is unlimited
Cumulative Calls The total of calls handled by the application since BAM was last restarted
Active Calls The current number of calls being handled by the application
Attached Features Features attached to the application
SIP Users/Phone numbers Those that map an incoming call to this application
HTTP API Keys HTTP API Keys associated with the application
SIP Proxy Group SIP Proxy Group associated with the application