Resource Caching

The Blueworx Platform supports caching of application resources in accordance with the HTTP 1.1 cache control rules defined by RFC2616.

In addition to the above directives, BVR also supports the extension stale-if-error as defined in RFC5861

Resources are cached separately on each BVR server in a cluster. The resources that can be cached are the following:

Cache directives in a response will be stored against the cached item. If the HTTP response does not include the Expires header or max-age Cache Directive, the default max-age from the cache's relevant BVR configuration will be used. Note that cache directives set on requests (for example supplying max-age in the audio tag on VXML) will not be stored against the resource when cached as these are specifically request directives

Control over the cached data is provided using the bam --cache tooling described here Cache Management Using BAM.