What is CCXML?

CCXML is an XML-based markup language that enables developers to write documents that perform advanced telephony call handling. CCXML is an industry standard that is defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

CCXML applications

A CCXML application allows sophisticated multiple-call handling and control, including the ability to place outgoing calls, to answer incoming calls, and to invoke voice applications. It allows for handling of a class of asynchronous events and advanced telephony operations involving substantial amounts of signals, status events, and message-passing.

CCXML has been designed to complement and integrate with VoiceXML systems. However, it should be noted that the two languages are separate and that VoiceXML is not required to run CCXML applications.

Event driven

CCXML is an event driven language and is capable of handling asynchronous events.

Within a CCXML document there exists a set of transitions. Each transition is designed to handle specific types of events. The CCXML Browser processes an internal queue of events. Each event in the queue is handled in turn and is passed to an appropriate transition within the CCXML document.

Events can be generated by any of the following:

A CCXML Browser session can be configured to handle many phone connections simultaneously. The events received from the CCXML Browser's single event queue can be from any of these concurrent connections.