System Response during Server Outage

Parameter group

Application Server Interface

Access level


Possible values

Play technical difficulties message
Busy-out all telephony channels
Do not answer calls (calls will continue to ring)
Busy-out all telephony channels.


Play technical difficulties message


If a Data Server outage occurs, either of File or DB2, this parameter controls how the system responds to calls. The following options are supported:

Play technical difficulties message
All calls in progress are immediately terminated, and the system technical difficulties message will be played for all new incoming calls.
Busy-out all telephony channel
All calls in progress are immediately terminated, and all telephony channels are disabled. Once the data servers are again available the telephony channels in service when the outage occurred will be restored to service
Do not answer calls
Incoming callers will continue hearing ringing tone. Voice Response will not answer any calls during the outage