UK Tie/DDI Start Type

Parameter group

Channel Group

Access level


Possible values

Immediate Start
Delay Start


Delay Start


Specifies the start signal that Blueworx Voice Response uses for all channels in the channel group, both for incoming and outgoing address signaling.

With delay start operation, address digits are not sent until after the start signal (off-hook/on-hook) is received by the switch. Immediate start allows address signals to be sent immediately (for example, inside 65 ms) after seizure by the switch.

If the Call Information Type parameter for the Channel Group is set to Register, it is best to use only delay start operation. With immediate start, it is possible that address digits might be missed if a register is not attached before digits are sent. However, immediate start operation is best if Call Information Type is set to Signaling Process or None.

Note: If the switch requires “inverted E&M” (that is, European E&M) and is using wink start, it is acceptable to select Delay Start, provided that the default values are used for Delay Start Delay and Delay Start Duration.