Signaling Type

Parameter group

Channel Group

Access level


Possible values

  • 1 through 16
  • DID
  • E&M
  • EL7/CAS (Ericsson MD110)
  • FXS Ground Start
  • FXS Loop Start
  • Italy
  • R2
  • RE
  • ROLM E&M
  • ROLM FXS Loop Start
  • SAS Loop Start
  • SL
  • TS003
  • UK CallStream
  • UK Exchange
  • UK Tie/DDI


Specifies the signaling type definition to be used by the channels in the channel group. The signaling types (1 through 16 and the named types listed under Possible Values) specify values for several signaling parameters (see Signaling type parameter group for more information).

Signaling Type is not used for common channel signaling protocols (including ISDN).