Maximum Silence Duration (ms)

Parameter group

Trunk Interface

Access level


Possible values

Integer multiples of 1000, in the range 3000 through 40000




Specifies how long a Record... action waits after the speaker stops speaking. If the speaker does not begin to speak again before this period elapses, the Record... action ends. However, if the caller does not start to speak, the “period of silence detection” does not start.

This parameter applies to:
  • Voice messages
  • Audio names
  • Greetings that are being recorded by callers
  • Voice segments that are being recorded for a voice application to use
However, the “period of silence detection” does not start while anything is being played.
Note: With the Subscriber Loop (SL) protocol, Blueworx Voice Response ends a call when the silence detection timeout occurs. For other signaling protocols, Blueworx Voice Response cannot end a call through silence detection.