Blueworx Voice Response for AIX is a voice application enabler. The applications that are developed to run on Blueworx Voice Response provide telephone access to business data and services. In this way, Blueworx Voice Response provides accessibility for people who cannot access the data and services by using regular Web pages or traditional graphic interfaces. These telephone user interfaces are fully accessible to people who are blind or have low vision and, if speech recognition is used, to people with mobility impairments or limited hand use. Speech recognition capability can be provided by products such as IBM WebSphere Voice Server. In addition, support for users of Telephony Devices for the Deaf (TDD) is provided as part of the Blueworx Voice Response product.

With Blueworx Voice Response you can perform many application development and system administration tasks with a text editor or line commands—these are accessible if you use a screen reader product to interface with them. Also, the default settings of the Blueworx Voice Response graphical user interface can be changed to produce large fonts and high contrast colors. Details of how to use these accessibility features can be found in this information in Using an ASCII display and Changing the appearance of the graphical user interface. Alternatively, application development can be done with Java™ or VoiceXML development tools that are supplied by IBM and third parties.

You can also use a screen-reader product to access the Blueworx Voice Response publications in HTML format (for details of their availability refer to List of Blueworx Voice Response and associated documentation).