State Table window: the Action Palette and folders

A state table consists of a sequence of actions that carry out the activities of a voice application and move the current position of the call between different states in the state table. The state table window provides a graphical environment in which you can create and edit state tables quickly and easily. The window is displayed whenever you open a state table or create a new one.

The Action Palette contains state table actions that you can drag onto the canvas to create states in the state table. (For more information about creating states using actions, see State Table window: actions and states.) The actions are grouped into folders.

This is an example State Table window. This figure shows the position of the Action Palette, the Properties Area and the Information Area.

Using list view

You can also display a text version of the state table. Click View —> List View. The system displays the state table as a list of states. To change back to the graphical view, click View —> Icon View.