NodeName configuration entry

This keyword defines a node. There must be one NodeName entry for each node in the system.

The NodeName entry must precede the HostName configuration entry for any host that refers to it (using the Node keyword).

Each voice response node definition must include definitions of all the phone numbers to be associated with applications that wait for incoming calls.

For each voice response node, you can specify a default application, which is used to handle incoming calls for a number for which there is no application currently in a waitForCall state, or for which there is no specificNumToApp entry. Typically, this application would say something like “Sorry, this service is not available at the moment, please try later” or it could transfer the caller to an agent. This application does not have to be started, because it is dynamically started as required. Nevertheless, you might find it useful to start several instances of it, for performance reasons. The default application must have an AppName configuration entry.