Starting applications

It’s best to start applications running before you put the channels in service: otherwise, on AIX, callers hear the message that says “we are experiencing technical difficulties”. If they call before the channels are in service, then they simply won’t get through at all, which is preferable.

You can either start an application individually or automatically.

Starting an application individually

Enter the following command:

dtjplex -action startApplication -application name -copies number -host name
 -node name

Starting an application automatically

For normal use, you’ll need to start the application automatically. To configure for this:

  1. Add an Application=appname keyword to a GroupName configuration entry. To start more copies of the application, add this keyword as many times as you need.
  2. Add a Group=groupname keyword to a NodeName configuration entry. This includes the group in node startup.
  3. Start the node. If you are simply starting one node, the command is:
    dtjplex -action startNode -host name -node name