Introducing the configuration database

The network of nodes is sometimes referred to as the plex. The plex is defined in a configuration database, Run the configuration tool dtjit to create automatically a plain text configuration file called vrbecfg.cff that can be used to populate the configuration database initially or to modify it later.

To modify the configuration database, you import a plain text configuration file, default.cff, into it. The file default.cff specifies the definitions of all your nodes, and all your applications. The easiest way to create default.cff from scratch is to copy the vrbecfg.cff file created by the dtjit configuration tool to it. You then run a utility, dtjconf, to import the new definitions into the configuration database.

When you install the WebSphere Voice Response Java and VoiceXML Environment, a configuration database is created for you, and you don't need to edit it and run dtjconf to get the sample application running in the default language. For Blueworx Voice Response for AIX the default language is U.S. English.

The supplied configuration database includes a definition for the local host, and a definition for a single node on that host: