Receiving telephone calls in the ALERTING state

The Java and VoiceXML environment is designed to receive incoming telephone calls in the CONNECTED state. This means that the new call is ringing Blueworx Voice Response, but it has not yet been answered.

When a call is routed to a CCXML document, it must initially be in the ALERTING state. The CCXML document can accept or reject the call.

If the call is routed to a VoiceXML application or a Java application by the Java and VoiceXML environment, it is automatically answered before the application is started.

Note: For calls to be received in the ALERTING state, the Blueworx Voice Response AnswerCall action must be removed from the Incoming_Call state table. See Changing the Incoming_Call state table to receive calls in the ALERTING state for instructions on how to do this.