Typographic conventions

This information uses the following typographic conventions:

Identifies an item that is in a Blueworx Voice Response window. The item might be a keyword, an action, a field label, or a pushbutton. Whenever one of the steps in a procedure includes a word in boldface, look in the window for an item that is labeled with that word.
boldface italics
Are used for emphasis. Take extra care wherever you see bold italics.
Identify one of the following:
  • New terms that describe Blueworx Voice Response components or concepts. A term that is printed in italics is usually followed by its definition.
  • Parameters for which you supply the actual names or values.
  • References to other information.
Identifies one of the following:
  • Text that you type in an AIX window. Because AIX is case sensitive, ensure that you type the uppercase and lowercase characters exactly as shown.
  • Names of files and directories (path names).