Code for Example 8 OrderInfo class

package tut;
import java.util.Calendar;
 * OrderInfo - a class that represents information returned from a database, in a form
 * that can be played as voice segments.
public class OrderInfo implements Playable {
	// Define the category for the voice segments in this class
	private static final String CATEGORY = "Tutorials";
	// Create VoicesSegment objects to play the order information
	private static final VoiceSegment VS_ORDER_COST = new VoiceSegment(CATEGORY, "OrderCost");
	private static final VoiceSegment VS_ORDER_DATE = new VoiceSegment(CATEGORY, "OrderDate");
	private static final VoiceSegment VS_ORDER_REF  = new VoiceSegment(CATEGORY, "OrderRef");
	// Create MediaType objects to represent the order information
	AudioCurrency cost     = new AudioCurrency();
	AudioDate deliveryDate = new AudioDate();
	AudioString callerRef  = new AudioString();
	// Create a media sequence that represents the caller's order
	MediaType[] orderInfo = {VS_ORDER_COST, cost, VS_ORDER_DATE, deliveryDate, VS_ORDER_REF, callerRef};
	// Create a Calendar object for today's date
	Calendar today = Calendar.getInstance();
	// Constructor method
	public OrderInfo(double quantity, double prodNum) {
		// Set the order information - in a real application this would involve
		// extracting information from a database using the quantity and prodNum variables
		cost.setValue(2.75 * quantity);
		today.add(Calendar.DATE, 5);
	// Return the order information
	public MediaType[] toMedia() {
		return orderInfo;