Verifying the installation of an ACL exchange data link

Use this procedure to check that the Multiprotocol Communications Adapter required for an ACL exchange data link has been installed correctly.


  1. Log on to AIX as root.
  2. Starting SMIT : Type smitty commodev, then press Enter.

    The system displays the SMIT Communications menu.

  3. Verifying the status of the port: If the Multiprotocol Adapter option is not displayed, check that the Multiprotocol Communications Adapter is correctly seated.
  4. Select Multiprotocol Adapter, then press Enter.
  5. Select Adapter, then press Enter.
  6. Select Change/Show Characteristics of a Multiprotocol Port, then press Enter.
  7. Select the port you have used for the link, then press Enter.
  8. Check that the status of the port is Available.

    If the port status is not Available, the most likely cause is a poor connection between the adapter and its four-port box.

    If you are unable to verify that the required port is Available, shut down AIX, power off the pSeries computer, and check the exchange data link's physical connections. Then repeat the verification procedure.

  9. When you have finished using SMIT, press F10 to exit.

Next step: When you have verified the link, make sure that the file includes either an ACL or an SMSI process, as described in Checking the file.