Starting Blueworx Voice Response from a remote terminal

A remote terminal is one that enables you to access the Blueworx Voice Response system on the network using the telnet command.

Before a remote terminal can display the Blueworx Voice Response windows, you need to give the Blueworx Voice Response system permission to display the windows on the remote terminal. You also need to be running AIXwindows on the remote terminal. The easiest way is to use SMIT commands.


  1. Log on to the remote terminal.
  2. Starting AIXwindows: If AIXwindows does not start automatically, type startx and press Enter:

    The system starts the X server program that starts AIXwindows.

  3. Giving the server permission : Type the following command and press Enter:
    xhost +name

    where name is the name of your Blueworx Voice Response system.

  4. Type the following command and press Enter:
    tn name

    where name is the name of your Blueworx Voice Response system.

  5. If you have not already used the vae.setuser utility, or you have installed Blueworx Voice Response software since it was last used, you must run it before using the vaeinit command. See Setting the dtuser file permissions for instructions.
  6. Log on to the AIX user account that is set up for Blueworx Voice Response (normally dtuser). This should start the initialization sequence. If it does not, type vaeinit and press Enter.

    The Blueworx Voice Response User Login menu is displayed:

            Blueworx Voice Response User Login
    1) Start Blueworx Voice Response Processes
    2) Do Not Start Blueworx Voice Response 
    Enter choice (or <ENTER> for option list)

    If the Login menu is not displayed, type the following command on the AIX command line and press Enter:

  7. Type 1 and press Enter.

    The system prompts you for your display name.

  8. Type your display name, using the following format:


    where name is the host name, and number is the session number (normally 0); for example, magpie:0. Press Enter.

    The system displays the Status window; most of the time, you can keep this window minimized. The system then displays the Welcome window and the Logon window.

  9. If you have not yet created any other administrator profiles, enter admin in the Administrator Profile Name field; otherwise enter the name of your administrator profile. Note that the field is case-sensitive, so be careful about typing uppercase or lowercase characters as appropriate.
  10. Type your password in the Password field. This field is also case-sensitive. The supplied password for admin is also admin.
    Attention: It is strongly recommended that you change this password immediately; see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System information for details.
  11. Click Logon, or press Enter.

    The system activates all menus on the Welcome window menu bar:

You can now continue to use Blueworx Voice Response on the remote terminal.