Increasing the amount of page space

Page space is space on the hard disk that AIX uses when moving information into and out of active memory. Moving data between paging space and active memory should not happen often, because the real-time performance of Blueworx Voice Response will become significantly degraded. For that reason it is essential to provide sufficient RAM in the system to enable normal operation without any paging taking place.

However AIX may occasionally move infrequently used pages out to disk, so a small amount of paging space is always necessary. The default of 512MB will work in most cases, but an increase to 2GB may provide a better safeguard. Because the page space definition is preserved when you create an AIX image backup, you need these instructions only when you want to alter the amount of space that is currently defined.

Attention: If you want to increase the size of page space, do not define the extra space as primary page space. Then, if it turns out you do not need the extra space, you can delete it easily. (Deleting primary page space involves a special procedure not documented here.)