Data communications

Remote data access

VoiceXML or Java applications and business data can be resident on a Web server or application server and accessed using TCP/IP. With state tables and custom servers, you can access business data either locally on the pSeries system or remotely using TCP/IP or SNA. You can also access host 3270 applications via TCP/IP or SNA.

Having decided how your system is to access business data, refer to Software prerequisites to determine what LPPs you need to install before installing Blueworx Voice Response.

The network can include:

Remote system management

If your network is managed by NetView® or another network management application that uses simple network management protocol (SNMP), one or more Blueworx Voice Response systems can be managed from a central point (which can be a separate machine or a pSeries computer on which Blueworx Voice Response is running). SNMP is used to send Blueworx Voice Response alarms and other status information to the network management application.

Using a service such as NetView, the network operator can keep Blueworx Voice Response running day-to-day. If Blueworx Voice Response stops unexpectedly, the NetView operator can help diagnose the problem, using the information in the alarm messages. (For more information about alarms, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System information and the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Problem Determination information.)

The network operator can also obtain up-to-date information about trunks, channels, CPU usage, and so on, and can reset their status, giving the operator remote control over the Blueworx Voice Response system.