An API called Set_Simulation_Variables has been included to enable complete testing of state tables without the need for connection to an ICM. This new API allows you to define information that you want the simulator to return to an application during call flow. To have full simulation support, a call flow such as one of those listed here is required:

This is required to issue a Set_Call_Variables.
This is required for some SCI API calls.
This is required for all SCI API calls.
In EDFI, it was assumed that you wanted all 10 Call Variables between the ICM and VRU at all times. Now that ECC variables can be used, you must register those in which you are interested. Also, you must register which of the 10 call variables you want. The simulator discards this request, but it is needed in the real environment.
This is where you set the actual values of the Call and ECC variables. These values are stored by the simulator, and they are returned in all the messages that generated by the simulator during runtime. An example of this is CONNECT. These values are returned to the VRU when a CONNECT is sent by the simulator.

Before a Set_Call_Variables_Event can be issued, you must have ONCE previously in the call issued one of the following: