Running the installation verification test

This section describes how to run the installation verification test to check whether the Cisco ICM custom server is correctly installed. This test uses a state table to run all the custom server functions that are in simulation mode. The system uses the application launch file to test the state table see Application launch file.

Before you run the installation verification test, ensure that Blueworx Voice Response is running with telephony hardware enabled, and that the System Monitor channels are “idle”.

Run the installation verification test as follows:

  1. Change to the GeoTel_dir directory by entering, on a command line:
    cd $CUR_DIR/ca/GeoTel_dir
  2. Start the test by entering:
  3. A series of messages from the Cisco ICM state table is written to the terminal.
  4. When you see the message "Exiting state table", end the test by keying Ctrl+C.
  5. View the GeoTel.log file in the $OAM_LOG_PATH directory. Toward the end of the file is the message:
    All nn tests have completed successfully.
    where n is a digit 0 through 9. The value of n can vary with the version of the software.

The installation verification test has completed.

You are now ready to customize the Cisco ICM custom server. To do this see Custom server parameters.

If you want to test whether the custom server works with Blueworx Voice Response channel groups and Blueworx Voice Response channel numbering, repeat the above instructions except for Step 2, where you must enter:

geotest -c

Otherwise, physical Blueworx Voice Response trunk and channel numbers are used.