The dialogueFailureConfSend is issued from the Java application to report the script that is requested to be run if the runScriptRequest method finds a problem.

It is sent in response to an operation that cannot be performed. After sending this, the Java application must receive more instruction from the ICM. If further instruction does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, a dialogueFailureEventSend is sent with a status of E_TIMEOUT.

The InvokeID in the dialogueFailureConfSend message must match the InvokeID from the request message. If they do not match, the ICM fails the request and causes the Java application to be signaled to issue dialogueFailureEventRecv. The return status is E_INVALID_INVOKE_ID.


CTICiscoReturn dialogueFailureConfSend(Integer InvokeID, Integer ErrorCode);


Integer InvokeID
Set to the InvokeID that is returned by cancel or runScriptRequest.
Integer ErrorCode
The status value that describes the failure. See Table 3.

Return properties

Integer Status
Returns an Integer value from the list of status codes that describes the result of this request (see Table 3.) To extract this property, call the getStatus method on the returned CTICiscoReturn object.