Configuring for Java

To configure Java for access to the Cisco ICM custom server, you need to edit the dtjenv file and the configuration file default.cff. The dtjenv file is used to initialize local environment variables in the Java environment. The default.cff file contains definitions of all your nodes, and all your applications, and is imported into the configuration database,

Full information on editing the default.cff file can be found in Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Developing Java applications.

This section gives information only about things that need to be specifically configured to use the Cisco ICM custom server with Java.

dtjenv file

Note: If you have DTBE installed, you will need to edit the dtjenv file to initialize local environment variables. If you have VRBE_XML installed, you will not need to edit the dtjenv file.
The dtjenv file is in the following directory /usr/lpp/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/dtjenv. The dtjenv file contains a comment:
# Don't change anything below this line
Directly above this commented text, you must type:
export DTJ_CLASSPATH=$DTJ_CLASSPATH:${DTBE_HOME:-/var/dirTalk/DTBE}/server/ibmcticisco.jar
This line will configure the file for use with a Java application.

default.cff file

The CTIService provides information on a plug-in factory for Computer Telephony Integration services. To configure a service for access to the Cisco ICM, add the following to the default.cff file:
where xxxx is equal to the port number specified after the -J parameter (information about this parameter can be found in Custom server parameters.) However, defining InitServiceString is optional:
  • If a port number is defined after the -J parameter (for example -J6969) then the InitServiceString is not optional and should be InitServiceString=6969.
  • If the -J parameter is used without a port, the default port number (7253) will be used and InitServiceString does not need to be defined.
To define the voice response node for the custom server, add the following line to the node section of the default.cff file:
This must be defined for the voice response node on which the custom server is installed.