Voice interrupt detection and speech recognition

The echo from background music may be picked up by the voice interrupt detection algorithm or the speech recognition algorithm, causing unpredictable results. For this reason we recommend that you do not use background music with either voice interrupt detection enabled or during speech recognition.

If you want to use background music with voice interrupt detection, either lower the volume of the background music to suit the current voice interrupt detection threshold, or raise the voice interrupt detection threshold. This should result in a level of echo which is ignored by the voice interrupt detection algorithm. When testing your application, use the loudest music you have, or a peak in the background music volume may cause problems later.

Figure 1. What the caller hears at each stage in the interaction
The graphic shows that whenever the caller listens to a prompt, or the application is waiting for the caller's input, the background music is quieter than the prompt. Otherwise, for example while a request is being processed, the background music plays normally.