Custom servers

Custom servers can be of two types:

A custom server consists of a main function and user functions.

A main function can be system-generated from information that you provide, or you can write it yourself using C or C++ language and the custom server subroutines. If the main function is system-generated, you must develop user functions to support your Blueworx Voice Response application. The main function that the system generates can pass required information between user functions and Blueworx Voice Response and perform other processes. If you create the main function yourself, user functions are optional, depending on the requirements of your custom server.

The capabilities of a custom server are limited only by the resources of the pSeries computer and the connectivity options at your site. You can communicate with other systems such as the IBM System/36, or the Apple Macintosh, Hewlett Packard, or DEC personal computers, using any communications protocol supported by the pSeries computer (refer to the AIX: Communications Programming Concepts for RISC System/6000 manual for information about communications protocols).

Refer to the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Custom Servers information for guidance about creating a custom server and for language reference information.