Deleting an application

Before you do this, make sure that the application is not a prerequisite of any other application, and make sure that the objects in the application are not used by any other objects. You must first delete or move all the objects from an application before you can delete it.

Note: You cannot delete the User, Default, or System applications.
  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —> Applications
  2. Removing the objects from the application: Double-click on the name of the application.

    The Application window is displayed.

  3. Single-click to open the first folder.
  4. Move any objects that you want to keep to another application.
  5. If you are sure you don’t need some or all of the objects any longer, select them and then click Object —> Delete.

    Click Confirm on the delete confirmation dialog to delete the objects.

    The selected objects are deleted from the system.

  6. Repeat from step 3 for all the other folders in the Application window.

    The Application window is empty.

  7. Removing the application: Click Application —> Delete.
    Note: If the application still contains any objects, the system does not allow you to delete it.
  8. Click Confirm on the delete confirmation dialog to delete the application.

    The selected application is deleted from the system.