How do subscriber classes work?

Subscriber classes allow you to limit the use of one or more sets of mailboxes at once. Using subscriber classes, you can also specify limits other than the system limits to a group of mailboxes. To use a subscriber class, specify it in an application profile. Specifying a subscriber class in an application profile indicates that you want the limits included in the definition of that subscriber class to apply to all mailboxes defined by that application profile.

When the Out Mail - Profile ID system variable (SV25) and Application - Profile ID system variable (SV22) have been set and a profile that specifies a subscriber class has been retrieved, the system loads the values specified in the subscriber class definition into the appropriate Caller : Subclass system variables . (For more information on the system variables, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables information.) Once the values have been loaded into the variables, the voice application can check them and enforce the limits.

Blueworx Voice Response does not automatically enforce the limits in a subscriber class definition. The voice application itself must include state table actions to ensure that the limits are not exceeded.