Shutting down custom server processes

When you initiate a system shutdown, the custom server controller (CA_CNTL) attempts to terminate all custom servers currently running, then waits for an indication from the operating system that each custom server has terminated. If either the Custom Server Debug window or Custom Server Import window is open, or if any custom server processes continue to run after a shutdown request, a warning message is displayed at 30-second intervals to notify you that custom server processes are still executing and must terminate before Blueworx Voice Response can shut down gracefully.

If you see the warning message:

If custom server processes have not terminated two minutes after the shutdown is initiated, Blueworx Voice Response issues the following message before shutting down:

NOTE: Blueworx Voice Response shutdown occurring before all Custom Servers terminate. Manual intervention to terminate Custom Servers is required prior to restarting.

Before you can restart Blueworx Voice Response, you will need to manually terminate any active custom server processes. The custom server controller will not force a custom server to abnormally terminate (that is, the controller will not issue a SIGKILL), because doing so could cause database corruption or integrity errors. Refer to the AIX documentation for instructions about manually terminating active processes.