Editing a custom server definition

Use the following procedure to edit a custom server definition. To edit your main() and user functions, use an editor such as vi.

  1. From the Welcome window, select Applications —> Custom Servers
  2. Open the custom server: Open the custom server that you want to edit. The system displays the Custom Server window.
  3. Change custom server properties: Modify information displayed in the window, as required.
  4. Click File —> Properties to modify information about the custom server main() arguments, C flags, object files, link flags, global declarations, and include files. An example of the properties window is shown in Figure 1.
  5. Save changes: Save the modified definition and Close the Custom Server window.
  6. Change a user function definition: To modify a user function definition, Open the user function. The system displays the User Function window for the selected function.
  7. Modify information displayed in the window, as required.
  8. To modify the user function parameters:
    • Click the Edit menu to Cut or Copy and Paste, or Delete selected parameters.
    • Or, click Options —> Parameters to Modify the definitions for selected parameters in the Parameter Selection window.
    • Validate & Save the modified user function definitions and Close the User Function window.