Defining the main() function

Use the following procedure to specify a name and description for the main() function, and to provide the names of any initialization, termination, open, or close user functions:

  1. From the Welcome window, select Applications —>Custom Servers
  2. Create a new custom server: To create a new custom server click Server —> New. The system displays the Custom Server window.
    Figure 1. Custom Server window.
    This is an example Custom Server window.
  3. Type a brief description of the custom server in the Server Description field.
  4. Specify the custom server type. Next to main(), select System Generated if your custom server requirements can be satisfied by a Blueworx Voice Response-generated main() function, or select User Generated if you are going to code the main() function yourself.
  5. Select main() language: Select the programming language used for the main() function.
  6. Defining user functions: If you are providing a termination user function, select the Termination Function field and type the name of your termination user function.
  7. If you are providing an initialization user function (applicable only to system-generated main() functions), select the Initialization Function field, and type the name of your initialization user function.
  8. If you are providing an open function, select the Open Function field and type the name of your open function.
  9. If you are providing a close function, select the Close Function field and type the name of your close function.
  10. Save the definition, specifying a name for the custom server.
  11. Close the Custom Server window.