Specifies the maximum amount of unread record data that can be buffered. It is defined in units of 160 bytes. The range of this value is from RECORD_OPEN_MIN_RECORDS to RECORD_OPEN_MAX_RECORDS.

If you use the historics parameter in the RECORD_CHANNEL_START_ST structure, you are recommended to use a value of 200 for max_records. The minimum value you should use is historics + 30.

Specifies how many voice data records should be stored in the record buffer before CA_Poll() returns. Each record represents 20 milliseconds of voice data, and occupies 160 bytes for uncompressed data. This parameter must be less than the value specified in max_records. You can use the same value for this parameter as for record_count in RECORD_VOICE_STREAM_PARM_ST. The range of this value is RECORD_OPEN_MIN_RECORD_COUNT to RECORD_OPEN_MAX_RECORD_COUNT, and the default value is RECORD_OPEN_DEFAULT_RECORD_COUNT.