A CHANNEL_INFO_ST structure as defined in CHANNEL_INFO_ST, filled in as returned from a previous call to CA_Open_Channel() or CA_Open_Music_Channel().
Address of the buffer containing the voice elements to play.
The number of voice elements to be played. Each element represents 0.2 seconds of voice data, and occupies UNCOMPRESSED_ELEMENT_LENGTH bytes if the data is uncompressed, or COMPRESSED_ELEMENT_LENGTH bytes if it is compressed.
Indicates whether the voice data is in compressed (COMPRESSED_VOICE) or uncompressed (UNCOMPRESSED_VOICE) format. For music channels you should set this value to UNCOMPRESSED_VOICE.
If a delay is acceptable between playing this voice data and any subsequent voice data, set to PERMIT_UNDERRUN. If the data should be played continuously, set to UNDERRUN_NOT_EXPECTED. For music channels you should set this value to PERMIT_UNDERRUN.
If CA_WAIT is set, the subroutine may suspend execution until element_count elements have been played on the channel. If CA_NOWAIT is set, the subroutine will play as much of the data as possible and return without suspending.