ssimkclient command


Configures a Blueworx Voice Response system as a client node in a single system image.


ssimkclient server_hostname [server_port]


When you run the ssimkclient command on a Blueworx Voice Response system, it configures that system as a client node. Before you use this command:

When you run the ssimkclient command, it prompts you to type the password of the Blueworx Voice Response user on the server. This ensures that a connection can be made to that server. Normally this login ID is dtuser.


The host name of the network interface that you want to use for DB2 data on the Blueworx Voice Response system that is configured as the database server node in the single system image.

You must specify a fully-qualified domain name (for example,

The TCP/IP port address (on the server) that you want to use to carry DB2 requests from the client to the server.

If you do not specify an address, Blueworx Voice Response uses the default value 50110.

If you do not want to specify a particular address, let Blueworx Voice Response use its default address. The only requirement is that no other software running on the system can use the same address.

Exit status

Successful completion.
An error occurred. Messages show the reason for the error.


The following example configures as a client node the system on which the command is run. The client connects to the server named using port 50110:

   ssimkclient 50110