User Greeting Compression Type

Parameter group

Application Server Interface

Access level


Possible values





Specifies whether user greetings are recorded compressed or uncompressed, when using the RecordUserGreeting state table action.

It is best to set this parameter when you install Blueworx Voice Response, and not to change it afterward. This prevents your having some user greetings that are compressed and some that are uncompressed on the same system; Blueworx Voice Response can then search more effectively.

An uncompressed user greeting occupies 5 times more disk space than the same user greeting does if it is compressed.

If much interference occurs when the user greeting is recorded, you might find that compressing the user greeting results in a poor quality of playback.

If you want to change this parameter from its default setting, ensure that all your custom servers that use the CA_Get_Greeting_Info subroutine can process a returned GREETING_INFO_ST structure in which the compression_type field can have any valid value. If you do not, the data returned will be corrupted.

Restart your Blueworx Voice Response system after changing this parameter.