CHP available call reject threshold

Parameter group

VoIP SIP Signalling



Access level


Possible values

A integer greater than 0




To allow sufficient time for handling new incoming calls while other CHPs are cleaning up from previous calls, this parameter determines the number of additional Blueworx Voice Response Channel Processes (CHPs) that must be available before an incoming call can be accepted. If the arrival rate of new incoming calls exceeds the rate at which CHPs are being cleaned up, SIP calls may not get answered within the required time causing timeouts and recovery actions to be instigated.

If set to zero (default), no check is made as to whether at least one CHP is available before accepting the SIP Call. If set to any other value, the number of free (unallocated) CHPs must be more than that value for the SIP call to be accepted.

If a call is rejected for this reason, a '486 Busy' is returned as a response to the SIP incoming call. This causes the far end to retry rather than timeout, cancel and restart the call.