Changing the number of database connections

The maximum number of concurrent DB2 applications is determined by the DB2 maxappls parameter. The default value is 40. If the value of this parameter is too low, Blueworx Voice Response processes might not be able to connect to the Blueworx Voice Response database.

You might need to change the value of this parameter on the database server node of a single system image:

When you add new client nodes, increase the value of the maxappls parameter by 20 for each new client.

To increase the value of the maxappls parameter:

  1. Login to the database server node as root.
  2. Change to the DB2 instance ID for Blueworx Voice Response by typing the command:
       su - dtdb23in
  3. Change the value of the parameter by typing the command:
       db2 update database configuration for dtdbv230 using maxappls n

    where n is the new value.