Configuring a server node

The database server node is the Blueworx Voice Response system that contains the DB2 database. All the nodes of the Blueworx Voice Response single system image use this database to store application data files, such as definitions of state tables and voice prompts. It also contains source, binary, and data files for custom servers.

In most installations you will want to keep the voice data on this system also, so this section describes how to configure a server node that contains both the Blueworx Voice Response database and the voice server. If you want to set up the voice server on a separate node (for example, if you are setting up a large voice messaging system), see Setting up a separate voice server node.

To access the voice server file system, applications must use Network File System (NFS); to access the DB2 database, applications must use the DB2 application programming interface.

This section describes the basic NFS commands that you need to use when configuring your single system image. For more information on NFS, see the System Management Guide; Communications and Networks book.