Importing scripts

Use the following procedure to import script statements from a file in the AIX filesystem into the Blueworx Voice Response 3270 Script window:

  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications—> 3270 Servers
  2. Select the server: Click the 3270 server for which you want to import a script.
  3. If scripts for the selected 3270 server are not displayed, click View —> Scripts.
  4. Click Object —> New. The system displays the 3270 Script window.
  5. Specify script type: Specify the script type by clicking Properties, then one of the following:
    • Normal Script (the default) if the script is for main processing.
    • Exception Handler Script if the script is a specialized routine to handle an exception condition.

      An EXCEPTION statement (described in EXCEPTION) in a normal script specifies the names of the scripts that define and handle a particular exception condition. An exception handler is executed when the exception defined by the corresponding exception definition script is detected and overrides the default exception handler for the specified condition.

    • Exception Definition Script if the script defines an exception to be handled by a corresponding exception handler script. This script will test for the exception while the main script is processing. It is used instead of a default or selected built-in exception definition.
  6. Describe the script by clicking Properties —> Description. Type a description and click OK.
  7. Import the script: Import the script by clicking Utilities —> Import. The system displays the Import File window.
  8. In the Selection field, specify the source file by typing the path name that identifies the file from which to import the script, or use the File Search window to find and click the file name. How to use the File Search window is described in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: User Interface Guide information.
  9. Click OK. The imported script is copied into the 3270 Script window.
  10. Validate and save the new script: Validate the script by clicking File —> Validate. If the script is valid, the Validated field displays Yes. An application that includes this script will not execute unless this field displays Yes.
  11. After you have corrected any errors, Save the new script, and specify a name.
  12. Close the 3270 Script window. The 3270 Servers window displays the new script under Scripts when the associated 3270 server is selected.
  13. More?: Repeat this procedure, starting with Step 4, for each script that you want to import.