Capturing screens

The following procedure explains how to use Blueworx Voice Response terminal emulation to capture the screens of a 3270 host application. You can capture all the screens first, then define the required fields on each screen. Or, you can define the fields immediately after you capture the screen. Use Defining fields when you are ready to define the fields.

Note: Do not close the 3270 Servers window while emulating a session. Doing so will close the Screen Capture (3270 Emulation) window and lose the session.
  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —>3270 Servers
  2. Start emulation: To start 3270 emulation click Options —> Emulate. The system displays the Screen Capture (3270 Emulation) window with your host sign-on screen in the window. The first available 3270 session (from the complete list of sessions) is allocated.
  3. Resize window: If you want to enlarge the 3270 screen displayed in the Screen Capture window, click Options —> Resize.
  4. Add screen information: If the displayed screen has not already been captured and named, click Capture. The system displays the 3270 Screen Information window.
  5. Add description: Type a description of the screen in the 3270 Screen Description field.
  6. Set timeout value: Adjust the default timeout value in the 3270 Screen Timeout (seconds) field by dragging the slider bar to the right. This specifies the number of seconds that can elapse after a CHECK_SCREEN statement before concluding that this screen was not accessed. If the value is left at zero, the default specified when you defined your 3270 server is used (see Step 7 in Defining a 3270 server).
  7. Name or select the server: Type the name of the 3270 server in the Server field, or click Server to select the server.
  8. Name the screen: Type a name for the screen (no blank spaces are permitted) in the 3270 Screen Name field, then click OK. The screen is saved with the specified name, and the system displays the Screen Capture window again.
  9. Move to next host screen: Access the next host screen that you want to capture. Refer to Using the pSeries computer as a 3270 terminal for information about pSeries computer and Blueworx Voice Response keyboard equivalents for 3270 keys.
  10. More?: Repeat this procedure, starting with Step 4, for the screens you need.
  11. In the Screen Capture window, log off the host.
  12. Close the Screen Capture window to leave the screen capture process.