3270 server components

A 3270 server consists of screen definitions and logic in the form of scripts.

3270 screen definitions

The screen definitions are images of the screens used by a host application. A 3270 server uses these screen images to interact with the host application by sending data to the application in screen input fields, and reading the data retrieved by the application from screen output fields. When a voice application sends a request to a 3270 server, the 3270 server sends the appropriate screen definitions to the host application to start the application, provide input data, and retrieve output data. It then sends the output to the calling voice application.

3270 scripts

The logic of a 3270 server is defined in script language, a set of statements that instructs the server what to do. The statements can accept parameters, check certain conditions, use the screen definitions to retrieve data from the host applications, and send data back to your Blueworx Voice Response application. A set of script language statements is commonly referred to as a script. A 3270 server may consist of one or more scripts, depending on the complexity of the required host interaction.

A script can use a screen definition to ensure that the correct screen is present before reading from it or writing to it.

Scripts interface with Blueworx Voice Response state tables and other scripts by passing input and output parameters. The input parameters receive the data from the calling state table or script. The output parameters contain the data to be returned to the calling state table or script.

The Blueworx Voice Response script language statements are described in 3270 script language statements.