Use the INPUT statement to specify the parameters that are passed to a script. An input parameter is a variable that receives data from the calling state table or script. Input variables cannot be assigned.

If used, the INPUT statement must appear at the beginning of the script.


This picture shows the syntax of the INPUT statement.


INPUT password;
INPUT search_name, search_dir;


To use the 3270 Script window’s Statements menu to define an INPUT statement, follow this procedure:

  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —> 3270 Servers
  2. Selecting the INPUT statement : Click Statements —> Parameters.

    The system displays the Parameters Definition window.

  3. Defining input parameters : Click the button next to Input Parameters, then Add.

    The system displays the Enter Data window.

  4. Type a variable name for the input parameter, then click OK.

    The Parameters Definition window displays the new input parameter in the Parameters list.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each required input parameter.
  6. Deleting parameters : If you need to delete any input parameters, click the parameter in the Parameters list, then Delete.
  7. Adding the statement to the script : Click OK.

    The INPUT statement is added at the beginning of the script.