Updating Blueworx (existing installation)

Note: All commands must be run as root, or as a user with root privileges using the sudo command.

Group package update

To update the Blueworx package group, use the yum update command specifying the Blueworx group:

yum update @blueworx
Note: Updating the Blueworx package group results in the following:
  1. Updates all installed packages in the Blueworx group
  2. Installs any missing Blueworx group packages that are not currently installed

Do not use this if you do not want all packages installed. Follow the instructions below to update individual packages.

Update specific packages

To update a specific Blueworx package, specify the package name on the update command:

yum update package-name

The Blueworx packages are:

Alternatively, you can update all Blueworx packages by using a wildcard (*) on the update command:

yum update blueworx-*
Note: Unlike yum group update, using the wildcard (*) will not install missing packages.

CPD database update

After updating the blueworx-db package the CPD database must be updated.

If a local database is being used then run:

If a remote database is being used then run: