SIP Proxy Realm Configuration Options

Configuration of credentials for proxies. This section must be specified within the [sip] section. These are not directly attached to a specific proxy but to a realm. If an authentication challenge is received for the realm specified in the "realm" parameter, these credentials will be used. Either "password" or "user_realm_pass_hash" must be specified.

This section is OPTIONAL; MANDATORY parameters only need to be specified if this section exists

The header for this section is [[sip.proxy_credentials]]

Table 1. sip.proxy_credentials
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
realm yes string N/A Realm for which to use these credentials
user yes string N/A Username to use to authenticate for this realm
password no string   The password used to authenticate for this realm. Mandatory if user_realm_pass_hash is not specified. Note that it is not recommended to use a plaintext password. If a plain text password is used BVR will warn you on startup and provide you with a line for your configuration using the user_realm_pass_hash instead
user_realm_pass_hash no string   The hash of the username, realm and password. This is common to both MD5 and MD5-sess for A1 in digest authentication. For more information see section of RFC2617
preferred_qop no string AUTH_INT Some authentication challenges will give the option of using either "auth" or "auth-int" for quality of protection (qop). If the option is given then the preferred qop is used. It is recommended that auth-int is used.

Valid options are: AUTH, AUTH_INT