SIP Configuration Options

Configure various SIP parameters

This section is OPTIONAL

The header for this section is [sip]

Table 1. sip
Name Mandatory Type Default Description
bind_address no string any The IP address that the SIP stack binds to. This is the IP that must be called into in order to reach BVR, however it must be an IP address that is defined to the system. "any" will listen on any IP address. Changing this option is useful if the system has multiple network adapters with different IP addresses and the administrator wishes to limit inbound calls to one of those adapters
presentation_address no string auto The IP address to present as the local address (affects "Contact" and "Via" headers). Overrides default_presentation_address in [general]
ignore_sent_by_check no boolean false Determines whether BVR ignores the SIP sent-by check
dns_servers no string array   Specifies which DNS server(s) to use for SIP communication. If one fails the number of times specified by dns_failure_threshold, it will move to the next in the list. If this option is not specified, the system's default DNS server(s) will be used

Note: This variable is an array of strings. Each item should be individually quoted and comma separated, with the entire variable surrounded by [] brackets. e.g. ["a", "b", "c"]
dns_timeout no integer 5000 Specifies the timeout (in milliseconds) of a DNS request. If set to 0, DNS requests will have no timeout - this is not recommended, however, as it will not be possible to detect if a DNS server is failing.
dns_failure_threshold no integer 3 Specifies the number of times connection to a DNS server can fail before the next DNS server is used